We visited out wedding venue in Malibu. Bear had found this location on Google and decided that it would be best to get married on the beach with our family and officiant. The cost is free but it’s a hike to climb back up after the ceremony. It’s a bit dangerous and shoes will not be necessary, only when we’re going down the mountain/stairs and on the way up.  The beach is so gorgeous and I’m so glad that we’ll have a beautiful backdrop in our photos. Michelle Kim will be our photographer. We initially wanted her when we were first planning but when we had decided not to do a full blown wedding, we opted not to have one. Luckily my dress is short so I won’t have an issue with getting it dirty for the reception! 🙂






Thank you for your kind gesture.

We decided that a wedding is too much to handle for us right now and all that matters is that we have our family and friends for a celebration in Los Angeles and possibly one in Kansas (much smaller) for his family and their friends.

Feasts of Fancy was our ideal spot to get hitched but because of our decision, it is very unfortunate that we won’t be able to taste or experience all that Feasts of Fancy has to offer.

We were really looking forward to it but circumstances change and we’re grateful to have met such an amazing group of people who run an exquisite business.

Many blessings to you, Feasts of Fancy!


Wedding Shoot @TheLineHotel

Thank you Bonnie Tsang, Jillian, Alice, Kelsey, Moon Canyon and The Line Hotel for having Bear Baby and I be your models for your wedding shoot!

We were chosen amongst hundreds of applications as the model “engaged couple” having their wedding at The Line Hotel.

I had an early am and didn’t get to make it to the office, but this was so worth the unpaid day!

My usual #seflie in a body length mirror~


The beautiful JLM dress. On the post it said it was going to be Monique Lhuillier but I really didn’t care! I was most excited about the opportunity and the amazing photos we would have after the fact!


 There were two dresses selected but the photographer chose the one that she thought best suited me.


The view from suite 1122 was amazing! Overlooking north KTOWN and into the Hollywood Hills all the way to the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory.


 Makeup & hair by Kelsey~


The dress was huge but the clips worked wonders!


Bear Baby getting trimmed and freshened up.


 The rooms inside the hotel were beautiful. The one time I ever stayed was when I was in middle school (I think) and my mom got me a room so I could meet the KPOP stars staying in the hotel. I of course got to meet them and was starstruck and in love for a long time.


The beautiful vintage style engagement ring and wedding band. It was pear, as if I was meant to have a pear shaped ring… 😛


#Selfie in the dress. That fire emergency exit sign was a bit irritating. :/


I had to improvise! 🙂


Jim Hjelm Couture



The shoes were to die for!

Kate Spade ‘Charm’ Slingback Pump



The feast we got to nibble on!






Then, the day ended and I was sad.

I had to eat something to feel better. So I grabbed a macaroni and cheese pizza from the lobby cafe.

Editorial photos will be published once they’re ready. These were taken from my iPhone 4s & Bear Baby’s iPhone 5.

Here is Bear Baby looking dapper on the bicycle!



Venue Searching

The question of the month:

“When’s the wedding date?”

Well, we were planning on celebrating a year from now or even a year and a half but…. some suggestions were made and it can possibly be as early as this coming June!

Not set in stone, we’re still trying to figure some stuff out.

We checked out some venues in Kansas while we were there for a whole week over the Christmas holiday.

Honestly, I don’t care too much about where it is as long as it looks pretty and it’s not expensive. 😛

IMG_2994[1] IMG_2995[1] IMG_2996[1]

His parents knew of a venue nearby their house so we went to check it out. It wasn’t open so we peeked through the window. It would definitely be big enough and there wouldn’t be any snow but perfect for traveling guests and for an intimate wedding.

(I’m still trying to convince him of not having one)

It’s a bit rustic, not really my style, but with enough decorations, it should glamorize it to my taste.

Wedding planning is stressful. I don’t even know where to start since I had a planner the first time around.

I initially wanted it in Kansas, then my fiance suggested LA and now it’s in Kansas. I didn’t realize how much of a burden it would be putting on my guests to travel when I first wanted it in Kansas. Now that it seems like it will be in Kansas, I’m starting to get a little worried. Not because I don’t want to have it there, but because I HATE burdening people.

Only if I win the lotto, I can just pay for everyone to fly out, get a hotel and provide transportation!


Run Through

2 days before @JO’s BIG DAY! I got off work early to pick up my bridesmaid dress and get my bangs trimmed. I met Jo at her place to carpool and got a sneak peek at her beautiful ceremony dress. I opted NOT to see her reception dress so I could be surprised!

She’s going to be one beautiful bride!

We drove over to the venue, Vibiana, and as a first time visitor I was shocked to see such an angelic building in DTLA! Of course Jo wouldn’t pick anything less than an elegant location.



We were all asked to sit while the wedding planner went of the timeline of the wedding. It was like grade school, boys on one side and the girls on the other 😛



We rehearsed in the garden where the ceremony will take place. Lots of laughs were shared and I got a little emotional while the father was walking Jo down. After seeing her dad for the 3rd time yesterday, I think I have a crush on Mr. Park! He’s so adorable with his hair and all!




The bridal room upstairs was very lovely and intimate. I could picture us here on Friday sharing her last single moments while getting ready and laughing about all the great times we’ve shared in the past.



Dinner was at El Cholo and of course I pigged out. What wedding? What dress? 😛 Nothing I do in the next couple of days will make a difference, so I oinked out. 🙂



We then all headed back to Jo’s and while the rest of the girls helped with the minor finishing touches, I was falling asleep from food coma. The boys tried on their tuxes and Jo  made her last comments on what she wanted fixed.

I went home cause I was dead tired and literally washed up and fell asleep immediately.

I don’t remember the last time I fell asleep that quickly!

In 24 hours, I will be driving over to the venue to get ready for probably the most grand and merry wedding EVER!

Congratulations to you, Jo and A!!!!