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Bear got me this read for my “other” Christmas gift and I love it! After my visit to Reims, France to the Veuve champagne house, I fell in love with Madame Barbe Ponsardin’s story and wanted to learn more.


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The most amazing structures are in France and the emotions I felt are so unspeakable. I am so happy to have been a part of this trip and to see and understand a different culture unknown to me has opened my eyes! Every moment of the trip I wanted to experience something new, my mind was expanding and I realized how much I had been living in a bubble. There is nothing greater than traveling and exploring. Each second was memorable and everlasting.

#ThirstyThursday @PremChampagne

How could I not use the overused Thursday hashtag!?!!

My favorite hobby, DRINKING! I have to do something about that though…

This week, my #thirstythursday post is my new Veuve decoration/tool!

Veuve Clicquot Rosè, Ice Bucket and Megaphone!!!

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I decided to forgo it. Then I had a panic attack after I told Bear to manage my money and I HAD to buy something. 😛

This is or was my last purchase. My justification… I wasted my last Veuve that came in a mini fridge because I left it in the freezer. 🙁

I shop at Preimer Champagne for all my champagne needs… Best and only place to get normal to giant sized bottles!! That’s where I got the Perrier Jouet Jeroboam! (Bigger than a magnum).

Veuve Clicquot Rose – Scream Your Love Ice Bucket

Unfortunately, the price went up from when I bought it. :/

@VeuveClicquot #TravelingCase

@VeuveClicquot #TravelingCase

I bought this over a month ago and forgot about it! When the package arrived, I was surprised to see the bottle of champagne. It actually made my day, ha!

Now if I need to go anywhere, I have a travel case!

Veuve Clicquot’s Travel Case


@WallysWine #HappyPlace

@WallysWine #HappyPlace

JO had to pick up a bottle of champagne for a special event so I wanted to join. Any reason to go to a place that specializes in alcohol, I’m there!

My first visit to Wally’s and boy was I impressed. Never been, never heard of and we walked in and ended up on the champagne aisle without even realizing. We stopped at the right aisle and we didn’t even try!

We got some great recommendations of other champagnes that we should try (other than #Veuve).

Wally’s Wine     :      2107 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles California 90025 IMG_6399 IMG_6400




A Very Sad Day | RIP @VeuveClicquot 9/19/13

I was reading my Wine Spectator issue this month and I came across a tiny article that I could not pass up.


Apparently there was an 18 wheeler that crashed in CT, fell over on its side and dumped all the cases of Veuve cargo.


How could that happen??? I’m really upset. Really really upset.

Read FULL article here.






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