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JL gave me her bridesmaid’s sandals from when she was one not too long ago in Mexico. I borrowed it when I went to #doJim in NY and kind of loved the idea of having really cute shower slippers in the locker room. I felt fancy and she offered them to me so #duh, I took it.

I love seeing my cute little tootsies at Equinox and I’m sure people are wondering why they didn’t think to get cute ones before! 😛

Not only do they envy my bag, they now envy my slippers!

Thanks JL!! I love you~

mel Dreamed by melissa Women’s Honey IV Flip Flop

I’m Getting Married!

Again, today! So no posts will be scheduled on this day or the next. Blog to resume on Monday. 🙂

I, thank everyone that has joined me in the last decade (or more) by reading, commenting and following my blog!

Today is a very special day and I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with Bear. (I say forever because he says we will recognize each other in Heaven, if I get there).

If you want to see updates of the day of, my hashtag is #BVTUDAS and my instagram


We visited out wedding venue in Malibu. Bear had found this location on Google and decided that it would be best to get married on the beach with our family and officiant. The cost is free but it’s a hike to climb back up after the ceremony. It’s a bit dangerous and shoes will not be necessary, only when we’re going down the mountain/stairs and on the way up.  The beach is so gorgeous and I’m so glad that we’ll have a beautiful backdrop in our photos. Michelle Kim will be our photographer. We initially wanted her when we were first planning but when we had decided not to do a full blown wedding, we opted not to have one. Luckily my dress is short so I won’t have an issue with getting it dirty for the reception! 🙂



@TheLineHotel THANK YOU!

 We’re LIVE!

Although I didn’t come out as good as I really look… I’m sorry for looking ugly that day, @TheLineHotel.

Bear Baby looks better than me!



Baby Dilemma

Me: If I decided I didn’t want another baby, would you still be with me?

Bear Baby: Of course.

I knew then, I was marrying my dream man.

I know my wedding will soon be over and I know that I’m not getting any younger.

I’ve been thinking about when I should have my baby and even though there are so many factors, the most important one for me is my convenience.

I’ve been there and done that (with a nanny) so I know exactly how it’s going to go.

I’m still trying to convince Bear Baby that a nanny is necessary.

I’m even having my friends chime in.

The two options are, of course, get pregnant soon after the wedding. Or wait at least a year and get pregnant. Hoping that ‘getting pregnant’ is much easier said than done.

The pros of getting pregnant right away:

Get it over with, still young, chance to have more… I guess that’s it.

The cons to getting pregnant right away:

I’ll be alone, I can prepare my body… that’s all.

The pros and cons of waiting… well, I can’t really think of any reason except that I may be able to plan my pregnancy with a friend.

I always say, being pregnant alone is torture.

I have no reason to wait. I want at least three children and the longer I wait, the better chance of a complication.

I just want to be in a place where I can still work out while I’m carrying. I had a friend who ran half a marathon while six months pregnant! Now that’s something!

I honestly feel like my biggest fear is that I’ll get fat and I won’t have a social life.

Which may be a great thing (not the fat part) since I started my first quarter at Walden University (online) to finish my bachelor’s degree.

Though it won’t help me from now until the day after the wedding.

I still expect some things to change if I do get pregnant. I’d want to be in a house, not an apartment. I need to make more money. I need to get healthy. We need to reevaluate certain things.

My first pregnancy was never planned so this is all new to me. I may not be excited about the wedding but I sure am excited about getting pregnant with the love of my life!

Custom #WeddingDress @TWDSkater

After being shocked at the price tag of the dress maker in KTOWN, I had a brilliant idea.

I knew I wanted to get the skirt and top made separately. Actually, I thought I would get the skirt made and find a top in stores to match.

I used to figure skate and had custom dresses made for my competition as a child.

I remember the construction and the detail of the dress would be exactly what I wanted.

I wanted a nude mesh with a fabric/lace overlay with crystals all over.

I searched online and came across this site, The Well Dressed Skater.

They were local and was willing to meet.

My gosh, how cute they were. They are a mother and daughter team who designs and creates competitive figure skating dresses.

The mother even designs her own gowns for special events!

I was lucky to find such wonderful people to work with for my leotard.

I wouldn’t need a dress per se but what the figure skating dress is made of is just what I need.

The unusual request did not scare them off, in fact, it was welcomed with open arms~

We picked out the fabric for the nude mesh to match my skin tone and now I just have to get fabric/lace ideas for the overlay.

The design part comes later, but I did get measured and it’ll be in a month or less that I’ll get fitted.

I better get my ass to do JIM!



Wedding Invitations

As much as I would have liked custom, one of a kind (the kind I don’t have to do anything) wedding invitations, we opted to same $1000 and get them online through Zazzle. I actually found a design that I really liked and now it’s just sitting in my cart.

I picked the Chalkboard Charm Style because of its simplicity.

Not only do they have the sets for RSVP, Accommodations and Invites, they also do custom stamps!

Below are the photos of what I picked out for our special day.

One postage for the RSVP cards and the other for the invites.



All we need to do now is get the accommodations in order and then I’ll add that to my basket and everything will be all under $500. I can’t believe the cost on the set. As much as I loved Underwood Letterpress in DTLA, I would much rather spend the extra money on more Veuve decorations for the venue!


Family Fun #KJcelebratelove @castawayburbank

ALthough the wedding was on Sunday, we all managed to drink enough and have fun!



The beautiful wedding was at the Castaway Mountain View Room, gorgeous views and yummy food!



Hanging out at the bar before the ceremony.

Ella Clutch is by Nadia Gabriella, make sure you use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for cash back!




I’m wearing RayBan Mirrored lens Aviators and he’s wearing Dita.

Make sure you use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for cash back!



The children…



Bride & father!









IMG_7546 - Copy


Prime rib!

IMG_7547 - Copy


My engagement ring is in the shop for repair since my diamonds fall out in the back… I shouldn’t have made the diamonds go so far back on my band. 🙁

My replacement is a 4.37 ct Marquise diamond with two trillion cut side diamonds. Knuckle rings by #rubystella, #vogue ring by #rubystella.

Ella Clutch is by Nadia Gabriella, make sure you use Ebates or Mr. Rebates for cash back!



Tyler & moi!



Groom & Bride!



The bride & moi~



Bear & I



Youngest cousin!



I rarely wear heels, so I was dying wearing heels all day! I had to rest my feet!



My dad and I dancing. Ballroom dancing. I was missing steps. 🙁



Garter toss!




All necessities fit in my clutch!



It was great hanging out with family and celebrating life of two families coming together!

Although they’ve been married for some quite now.

Venue Searching

The question of the month:

“When’s the wedding date?”

Well, we were planning on celebrating a year from now or even a year and a half but…. some suggestions were made and it can possibly be as early as this coming June!

Not set in stone, we’re still trying to figure some stuff out.

We checked out some venues in Kansas while we were there for a whole week over the Christmas holiday.

Honestly, I don’t care too much about where it is as long as it looks pretty and it’s not expensive. 😛

IMG_2994[1] IMG_2995[1] IMG_2996[1]

His parents knew of a venue nearby their house so we went to check it out. It wasn’t open so we peeked through the window. It would definitely be big enough and there wouldn’t be any snow but perfect for traveling guests and for an intimate wedding.

(I’m still trying to convince him of not having one)

It’s a bit rustic, not really my style, but with enough decorations, it should glamorize it to my taste.

Wedding planning is stressful. I don’t even know where to start since I had a planner the first time around.

I initially wanted it in Kansas, then my fiance suggested LA and now it’s in Kansas. I didn’t realize how much of a burden it would be putting on my guests to travel when I first wanted it in Kansas. Now that it seems like it will be in Kansas, I’m starting to get a little worried. Not because I don’t want to have it there, but because I HATE burdening people.

Only if I win the lotto, I can just pay for everyone to fly out, get a hotel and provide transportation!


Wedding of @EuniceKiss

Childhood friend through parents and many years later, I got to celebrate this joyous occasion with her, new hubby and her family and close friends.

She was a skinny stunning bride. I realized a bride should always be thin on her wedding day. Lucky for her and her dancer physique she passed that stressful obstacle.

Aside from her glowing presence I was able to see the warmth and love exuding from her heart and smile. It was such an honor to share this special day in the beautiful city of Dana Point, at the Ritz Carlton.


















Wishing you an eternity of happiness and great sex! Thank you for having us, I love you!!!!