Picked up! @BALENCIAGA

If it weren’t for Catalina, I wouldn’t have been able to snatch the motorcycle leather jacket during the #Presale!

Her SA called her and she called me as soon as the store found out about the price drop.

I jumped on it quick. HELLO!!!??? I’ve been eyeing this jacket ever since she let me wear it when I was cold one night at Concerto!

I just booked my commercial and I decided that I would put my whole paycheck from the shoot to the jacket. 😛

Thank the lorrrdddd, everything happens for a reason.

I went, tried on, paid and left. I waited patiently for 12/4 and picked it up right after work with Jo. We had training in #Weho, so it worked out perfectly!



#DoingJim #LookFitNaked

Brent measured my body fat again yesterday and I was down 2%!!! Now I’m at 18%.

I lost 2cm in my arms and belly and 3 cms in my thighs…

I can’t wait to be so fit that I can post photos of me in my crop tops! 😛IMG_6514 IMG_6513

#DoingJim #LookFitNaked @MansionFitness

3rd session with Brent and I have to say I love our workouts. I’m just a bit disappointed when I don’t get sore. I’m NOT taking glutamine and I feel like I’m working as hard as I can but my body doesn’t feel like it should after a session with a personal trainer.

I do see the small changes in my body, arms, stomach, legs… I haven’t been doing much of other exercises and I know I should.

Maybe I should try a session alone and just see how it goes. If I’m sore after that, I’ll know that I’m not getting that great of a workout when I’m doing a semi-private lesson. 
IMG_6409 IMG_6410

The Jam

I was contemplating on whether or not being Jasmine for Halloween while I was showering this morning staring down at my belly. I knew for sure I would have to starve myself and wouldn’t feel comfortable showing my gut to #WEHO, even if they were all #gay.

I got in the car and was on the way to drop Bear Baby off when I hear the song go in and out. We were in the garage so my signal for satellite wasn’t clear. I said to Bear, ‘I think it’s a #Disney song!” Once we exited the garage, I heard, “Prince Ali – fabulous he – Ali Ababwa” I screamed, “IT’S A SIGN!”

Bear Baby had no idea what I was talking about and I explained to him my dilemma from my shower this am. He laughed and had no comment. O.O

I guess I’ll starve.


Celebrating Celine!

I love that my friends don’t do the typical cheesy traditional celebrations of showers.

Baby shower for the upcoming birth of a baby girl was held at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood.

The restaurant is bright and filled with impeccable service and eye candy (for all sexes). Granted, most of the men were playing for the same team, it never hurts to be around well dressed men with social manners.

We enjoyed an array of appetizers and entrees. Portions here are great too, too great that we had to pass on dessert.

Bottles of Maison Perrier-Jouët Rosé was flowing all day just like our conversations. A table full of 10 girls, there was no room for silence.

I was the second to arrive after the honoree so I grabbed a mimosa at the bar.


When half the group arrived, we were seated.














And lucky us, we got this beautiful backdrop to pose in front of because Cecconi’s was having an #AUDI private party later that day.

We headed over to the Four Seasons Hotel to continue the celebration.

Over more drinks and laughter we spent the next few hours enjoying the Sunday afternoon.

Of the group, there were three married ladies and of course the curious little girl that I am, I tried on all their rings, all at once.



And a few selfies in the restroom.


Congratulations Judy 언니 for your wonderful bundle of joy, soon to arrive!

Can’t wait to meet the little princess!