Damaged Fur

As you can imagine, I was super sad when I got home to find my body oil knocked over onto my fox fur coat on the floor.

I had been in a rush in the am and didn’t realize I knocked over my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Oil. My coat had been on the floor from the night before and of course it fell on top of it. My coat was ruined. I tried to use water and get it off but it got worse. The oil was really seeped in and it would not dry off. I googled for remedies and finally decided to just look for a furrier.

Flier Furs is what I came across and I dropped it off as soon as I could.


It’s actually ready now. I can’t wait to pick it up!

Thanks Bear COACH X PEANUTS @coach @Snoopy

Thanks Bear! Coach called him since he made a purchase the last time around to see if he wanted additional merchandise from the COACH X PEANUTS collection. Especially since it was now white.

uhhhhh duuuuhh!

Thank you Bear for my keychain! 🙂IMG_4486

Jo went to the BH Coach store and took this photo for me… I want the largest one!!!


Being Girly

Found this adorable skirt on Melrose Ave. and I had to buy it. It’s so not my usual style but it was too cute to pass up! (Like my confetti H&M pants).

I’ve had the white faux leather crop for a while but never had a bottom piece to match it with. Now the outfit is complete! 😛

Women’s White Spaghetti Strap Faux Leather Crop Vest



Summer is here and white is the only way to go!

Riley in Serene
Riley in Serene
Bardot In Lenox
Bardot In Lenox
Angel In Milk
Angel In Milk
Emma in Dove
Emma in Dove
Mesh With Us Crop Tank WHITE
That’s A Wrap Dress WHITE
How Rude Graphic Tee WHITE
How Rude Graphic Tee WHITE
Zip To It Bodycon Dress WHITE
Zip To It Bodycon Dress WHITE
Ka-Bloom Floral Crochet Skirt WHITE
Ka-Bloom Floral Crochet Skirt WHITE
Coming Up Roses Strapless Dress WHITE
Coming Up Roses Strapless Dress WHITE
Game Chain-ger Ruched Ruffled Dress WHITE
Game Chain-ger Ruched Ruffled Dress WHITE
In The Shadow Striped Bodycon Dress WHITE
In The Shadow Striped Bodycon Dress WHITE
Got UR Open Back Bodysuit WHITE
Got UR Open Back Bodysuit WHITE
Scrunchy Shirred Blazer WHITE
Scrunchy Shirred Blazer WHITE
City Ballerina Tulle Skirt WHITE
City Ballerina Tulle Skirt WHITE
In The Loops Gladiator Sandals WHITE
In The Loops Gladiator Sandals WHITEArena Ready Faux Leather Sandals WHITE
Arena Ready Faux Leather Sandals WHITE
Strappy Feelings Pointy Heels WHITE
Strappy Feelings Pointy Heels WHITE

The girl in me…

I’ve always loved furs and fur balls and mink and anything that was fluffy, cute and white. I made a purchase recently at Z Gallerie that I have yet to post and they happened to have a matching key-chain! I of course bought one for myself… Bear refuses to carry the keys because he’s embarrassed. I like it since I can feel for the fur ball in my bag and or at valet when they’re searching for the paper tag, I can point out my keys.

Z Gallerie Puff Key Chain




2nd White Hair of 2014!!!!!



So this year, I’ve had 2, well actually 1.5 white hairs.

The one I found yesterday seemed to be having dual personalities. It didn’t know which color to be. I was curling my hair and noticed something bright. I grabbed it and pulled it out.

I’m sure I have more in the back but I can’t see… I’ll have to wait and see how many white hairs, 2015 brings me!

#MustHave @Zara

Terry had to exchange something at the Zara in DTLA store so I joined her. Oh my, that store is ginormous! I don’t know why it took me so long to visit. It’s probably a good thing because I saw too many things I wanted to purchase.

For instance… the coat below. I immediately bee lined for this coat when I walked in. My first instinct is to touch when I see fur/faux fur. It needs to be SOFT. If it’s soft, I try on. The coat I tried on was a small. As you can see my short arms aren’t made for regular coats. 😛 I need 3/4 sleeve or I need to go to China and stretch my arms while I stretch my legs. I’m drowning in the small and they do not offer an X-Small. If you’re a bit taller than me and have longer limbs, I suggest you don’t pass up on this beauty.

It’s white, so it’ll be hard to keep clean, but so worth it, I think! It’s crisp, clean and soft like butttaaaaa~

Zara Faux Fur Coat $169.00



Fish Out Of Water

I haven’t been to Neiman Marcus, Saks and Barney’s is such a long time.

I was asked to join a friend and of course I said yes!

Any reason to be around anything to do with spending money is my favorite past time!

I didn’t spend a dollar because OBVIOUSLY I’m in NO place to spend money.

So I just browsed and took #selfies.

Oh and of course, be the good friend and tell them my honest truth about what they were trying on.

I must say, I didn’t remember which was where and where to go for what.

We browsed in this order:

NM, Saks & Barney’s.

I even wore heels because our plan was to do dinner in the area after.

I felt awkward being in an unfamiliar surrounding. It may have been in my head because I just worry too much but I swear every employee was staring and judging.

I know how these SAs work. I don’t shop there, I don’t frequent so they stare and make comments to each other.

I enjoy my online shopping where it’s judgment free. Of course if I had a truck load of money to spend, I’d spend my free time there, buying things. Everything.

I felt uncomfortable. I haven’t purchased anything super expensive in so long.

The last time I was in Saks was when I bought my Manolo Blahnik’s I wore for Jo’s wedding. I actually bought the shoes back in 2006. Eight years ago. O.O

Last time I was in NM? At Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I was living in Coto de Caza and married. A different life.

It’s been a while and I didn’t feel like I belonged. I would eventually like to feel comfortable at the mall again but not until I can buy stuff. I don’t like to eye shop. It’s like foreplay and no climax.

I guess I’ll see you when I see you, shopping mall!

The best part about hanging out was that I got to see her new 4 series Gran Coupe! It’s sofa king gorgeous!