Wedding Venue Search

Bear’s friend’s family owns a vineyard in Temecula so he invited us to visit to take a look at the venue.

His friend happened to be in town from Kansas so we took a mini day trip out.








We had a busy morning… visiting the CPA & buying furniture for his new place, so we didn’t arrive until 3:30pm.

I slept the whole way there. 😛

When we arrived, we were surprised to see how beautiful it was. Didn’t realize how much of a social scene it was either.

If we had known, we would have came early and spent the whole day drinking wine and riding around town in their little golf cart off roading vehicle.

Bear’s friend showed us around his vineyard and their new home that was built. It was cool to see their man made lake as well. We saw the water filling up but it looked like it would take another few weeks.


My usual #selfie of the day…


The only worry I would have is burdening my guests driving all the way to Temecula. I’m sure everyone would find it annoying, but once they got there, they would forget how annoying it was. Well, at least until they had to leave. 😛

Either way, nothing is set in stone and we’re still looking at options.

The name of the game is to spend as little time and money as possible!