Chicago Bound

Headed to Chi-town this weekend for the first time in my life. It’s going to fucking cold.

I bought The North Face Women’s IC Nuptse Jacket over the weekend, well Bear did. I really wanted it and didn’t expect to see it at the store. It’s the polka dot one from the Olympics with the Korean flag on it! You’ll see on my social media this weekend.

It’s super cold so I also purchased some heattech items on Uniqlo, which I need to pick up at the Beverly Center this week. I am NOT trying to look cute this weekend. I just want to make sure I don’t come back sick and fat.

UNIQLO Women’s Heattech Crew Neck T-Shirt

UNIQLO Women’s Heattech Ultra Warm Leggings


Supposedly, I’m really bitchy and moody and unpleasant to be around. Bear did extensive research on the web and came across a forum where women and men discussed women’s behavior before their cycle.

He’s been asking me to go see a doctor but I haven’t. 😛 From the research, he read that this supplement is suppose to help balance whatever is missing during those times and I will become less of a bitch.

He did say, it will take 6-8 weeks to see results. I’ll probably be on my 10th bottle by then. What a great way to sell the product! 😀

I just hope it helps… Bear is really looking forward to it!

Nature’s Way Vitex (Chaste Tree), 400 mg, 100 Capsules 



LOVE #booties. Work, play and for hangouts!

Although I love expensive shoes, I cannot afford it right now. I’m such a #BOB.

These #booties are super cute and so affordable!

MIA Daphne (Black Nova) Women’s Dress Boots
MIA Daphne (Black Nova) Women's Dress Boots

Clarks Kacia Alfresco (Black Leather) Women’s Boots

Clarks Kacia Alfresco (Black Leather) Women's  Boots

Michael Antonio Jessa Boot (Brown PU) Women’s Zip Boots

Michael Antonio Jessa Boot (Brown PU) Women's Zip Boots

Michael Antonio Caron (Brown Heavy PU/Brush PU) Women’s Wedge Shoes

Michael Antonio Caron (Brown Heavy PU/Brush PU) Women's Wedge Shoes

Bella-Vita Kona (Black) Women’s Boots

Bella-Vita Kona (Black) Women's Boots

Enzo Angiolini Austan (Black Leather) Women’s Shoes

Enzo Angiolini Austan (Black Leather) Women's Shoes

Charles Albert New-9525 (Black) Women’s Shoes
Charles Albert New-9525 (Black) Women's Shoes

Nine West Perfect PR (Black Suede 1) Women’s Dress Zip Boots

Nine West Perfect PR (Black Suede 1) Women's Dress Zip Boots

Michael Antonio Margie (Black Heavy Grain PU) Women’s Lace-up Boots

Michael Antonio Margie (Black Heavy Grain PU) Women's Lace-up Boots

Rialto Turner (Black) Women’s Shoes

Rialto Turner (Black) Women's Shoes

MIA Alice (Black Nova Suede) Women’s Shoes

MIA Alice (Black Nova Suede) Women's Shoes

DV by Dolce Vita Hence (Taupe Suede) Women’s Dress Pull-on Boots

DV by Dolce Vita Hence (Taupe Suede) Women's Dress Pull-on Boots

I like guys who don’t look like they have yellow fever…

The biggest fear about dating while being an Asian female is coming across men with “yellow fever”. This is a term I’ve heard since… Well, since I’ve been saying. Lol!

It’s such a stereotype and so wrong to categorize men in these circumstances but it’s so funny!

Maybe that was my fear of not wanting to date non Asians! (No, it wasn’t.)

I was discussing #yellowfever with JO in the car on the way to personal training.

Even though Bear’s gf prior to me was yellow, I know for a fact Bear does not have #yellowfever. Or I’d like to think, he doesn’t. (Fingers crossed). His first yellow was her and before that he just went for the yellow hairs.

The reason for my post is that at that moment of discussing Bear’s situation, I said, “At least he doesn’t look like he has yellow fever!” Which IS the most important!!!

Then, we started to discuss our trainer. He has #yellowfever. He, too, does not look like he does. Coincidentally, his ex fiancé is #hapa, half yellow and half yellow haired. 😛

We realized figured he had #Yellowfever. Maybe he doesn’t, because he doesn’t look like he does.

It’s a total stereotype but guys with yellow fever look pathetic and creepy. Desperation is another characteristic. There’s an aura about them and how they carry themselves in public, especially around Asian women.

Please, if you are a male and have yellow fever, don’t act like it. PLEASE! Thank you! xxoo


I don’t ever want to be a sexy anything.

This seems perfect for me.

Mario and Luigi!

It’s easy and looks comfortable.

But do I even have a place to wear it to? LOL

cc: @JoannaPark

Costumes Mario Player


Costumes Luigi Player


This would be for @GracePark115

Pink Princess Toadstool Costume



don’t be a typical slut for #halloween.

Fat vs Big

I have to be careful on how I use these words.

I need to stop saying I’m fat, because obviously I’m not.

I need to refer to myself being big. Big for my height and bone structure.

Fat is having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese. It’s unhealthy and unsafe.



Big is large, as in size, height, width, or amount. Big in reference to myself is bigger than what my norm should be.



I want to make an effort in the use of my vocabulary. Weight and size is a huge issue among females all ages and I believe it starts with media.

What media portrays to be beautiful and sexy is what we strive for and now all the role models are stick skinny.

My goal is to be fit, strong and healthy. Although I want a low number on my scale, I’d like to get there by working out and eating healthy.

Let’s all make a conscious effort to not to use the word fat unless we really look like the first picture I posted. 🙂


Even when you google, you can see the difference in the images between “fat women” and “big women.” Go and see!