@MZWallace #Backpack

Got my new backpack in! I freaking love it! I love quilted obviously because of Chanel and I love patent leather because it pops. I mainly got this to be my work bag but I found a better one, so I get to use this for weekend getaways and such. I haven’t carried a backpack… well I did have the Brabus one that I loved, but haven’t used that in a while either. When traveling backpacks are the best. Hands and arms are free and it’s easy to carry and throw around.

MZ Wallace ‘Metro’ Quilted Oxford Nylon Backpack – Black

New Bag! @MZWallaceNYC

My new work bag/Valentine’s Day gift. I love the bag but the measurements were wrong and now my laptop doesn’t fit across on the bottom and it sits in an angle. Kind of annoying but oh well. I should have gotten the large!

Women’s MZ Wallace ‘Medium Metro’ Quilted Oxford Nylon Tote – Black

Coming Home…

Was not fun! I went out right after work so I had so much crap to bring upstairs. I didn’t want to leave my leftover food in the car overnight. And since my car got broken into lay time, I didn’t want to leave my work bag with my laptop. It was super annoying at 1am!






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