15 Hours in Las Vegas, BABY #snapstory

I wore my nude suede dress that I purchased in November 2015. It was long and had a slit in the front middle. Didn’t like that look anymore so I had it altered and it became a short dress.

Similar Nude Dress

Not-So-Basic Babe Midi Dress NUDE

I love the nude of the dress because it’s the perfect skin tone against my skin.

The lip product was the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color


#NotRight #WhoDoesThat?

This may not exactly be sexual harassment but it’s not condoned by any women.

Unless you’re a fucking monkey or a stray dog that loves attention.

All the stupid people leaving comments talking crap about the girl have no right to say anything. They can’t determine how she felt when every man she walked by said something to make her feel uncomfortable.

It’s a double edge sword. If she doesn’t say anything, she’s being a bitch, if she does respond, they think it’s okay to behave that way. The reason why those men speak to her is to get a reaction. Maybe they’re the monkeys that need attention.

There are many times in Los Angeles where I’ve encountered men having a one-sided conversation with me as I walk by or even when I’m in my car. I see dirty POSs staring into my car from a truck and when I inch forward, they do the same. It may not be the words that come out of their mouths that make it sexual harassment but rather their intentions.

What makes them speak out and make women feel uncomfortable? FUCK YOU, you mom manner having, animalistic cultured fuck!

VIPrius Maximus Accident

Sideswiped, and now in the shop.






I got to Enterprise to pick a rental and I saw a Jetta that I would’ve picked but at the end of the lot was a minivan. It was opportunity knocking.

I figured, why not? It gives me a chance to review the car since I wanted to start reviewing cars on my YouTube channel.

It was a perfect opportunity, so I did it. Picked a car I swore I would never ever be caught dead in.

I just finished recording my first review Thursday during class time for my production class. An amazing DP who helped me out from my class and an assistant DP was there to help too.

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